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Help Mandate School Counselors for Grades K-12 Today

  • 14 Jan 2013
  • White House Petitions
Help Mandate School Counselors for Grades K-12 by signing the Petition below.

School Counselors are vital in Career Development for today's youth that support personal, academic, career and social success of our future leaders.

There is a national grassroots effort currently underway to mandate school counselors. The first step that is being done is to petition the Obama administration. Below is a link to sign that petition as well as the petition text. You do not have to be a school counselor or live in any particular state to sign; just someone who believes that schools need counselors. Just click on the link to go directly to the site. But do it quickly - all signatures must be in by Jan. 14 -- TODAY -- to count!


Mandate School Counselors for Grades K-12: School counselors are uniquely trained to identify and assist students who are having academic and social difficulties, to work with students in crisis, and to collaborate with teachers and parents to support and advocate for student success. There are currently 26 states that do not mandate counselors in all schools, grades K-12, and many others who have unrealistic student/counselor ratios which make it impossible for counselors to reach all students equally. Let's do something now to help the mental health and well-being of our children by requiring all schools to have counselors available to all students, and by mandating a student/counselor ratio that makes effective counseling accessible to all students.

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