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  • 10 Aug 2018
  • 12:30 AM
NCDA Members ebulletin
August 08, 2018

August Announcements for Members Only

2019 NCDA Global Career Development Conference Call for Proposals
“Creating Career Interventions to Break Barriers: Empowering Lives and Achieving Equity” June 27 – 29, 2019, Houston, Texas, June 26 – Professional Development Institutes. The Call for Proposals is open now.
First, please read and follow the “Detailed Instructions For Submitting A Proposal For 2019
Next, complete the online application as instructed:

2019 NCDA Conference - Proposal Application

The deadline to submit is midnight, Monday, October 1, 2018.


Election: Ballots due August 15th
Member privileges include determining the future of the association through board representation and bylaws changes. The 2018 Elections for the National Career Development Association is open online now and ends August 15, 2018.   

View the 2018 Slate of Candidates (including bios)

View the 2018 Bylaws Amendments

We encourage all NCDA members to login to the Members Only section to cast their votes for open Board positions and the Bylaws Amendments. Thank you for your participation in these important decisions!


Leadership Academy (LA) Class of 2020 Applications
The Leadership Academy aims to identify and nurture future generations of NCDA Leaders. Up to eight NCDA members will be selected to join this hands-on, highly experiential leadership development opportunity.  The application and complete instructions are available on the website under Professional Development:Leadership Academy. All application materials will be due November 1.


Leadership Academy Development Committee (LADC) Member Applications
The LADC is looking for new committee members to help manage and coordinate all the activities of the LA. Applicants must have completed their LA experience. The application and complete instructions are available on the website under Professional Development:Leadership Academy. Applications for the LADC are due August 17. 


New! Members Only Video: “Career Theories Guide Career Interventions”
At the 2018 NCDA Conference in Phoenix, the general session was a panel presentation, "Career Theories Guide Career Interventions." A group of five NCDA and career development legends discussed how theory informs practice. Jane Goodman moderated the following theorists: Jim Bright, John Krumboltz, Janet Lenz, and Mark Savickas. The panel was video-recorded and linked under Members Only Resources -you must login first.


National Career Development Summit
September 12, 2018 – Washington DC 
Read full details in the August issue of Career Convergence.
The one-day Summit, sponsored by the National Coalition for Career Development, is designed to insure that all attendees will have the opportunity to share their ideas for the call to action. All attendees are encouraged to come to the Summit with a pledge of what they or their organization will do to promote high-quality career development in the education system. A number of NCDA member facilitators and notetakers will be needed for the roundtable discussion groups during this event. For those fulfilling these roles, a reduced registration rate is being offered, and for those holding an NCDA credential, this event could count toward your continuing education requirements. If you are interested in that opportunity, contact Cynthia Scanlon at cscanlon@ncda.org for more information. To register for the Summit, go to https://www.eiseverywhere.com/339463?categoryid=2678428 then enter a valid email address and use the following password:  NCDA 2018.


New! Membership Dues Changes 
On October 1, 2018, NCDA membership dues will increase.  For those joining through ACA, the dues increase will take affect earlier to match their fiscal year.  The increase was approved by the NCDA Board of Directors to better align the revenues and expenses of the association as it experiences increased costs in many areas.  New programs and member services are being added which also account for the increase.  The new rates are:

$95 Professional and Regular Members

$40 Students and New Professional Members

$60 Retired Members

Organizational Membership, based on approval of the bylaws change, will be available on a tiered system based on the number of members.  Details will be made available by October 1, 2018.


Career Practitioner Institute (CPI)- October 26, 2018 in Portland, OR.
This one-day event (with an option to add PDIs on October 25), is a valuable way to gain current knowledge in the field from trusted NCDA Board Members and experienced presenters for a low cost. This small gathering increases interaction and networking and is open to all practitioners and educators in the field of career development.Topics covered include mental health, social justice, women, ethics, online activities and more. Get details and register now by visiting Professional Development: CPI. Be sure to bring your colleagues with you to Portland in October!


NCDA Career Resource Store Book Special Sale
"A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments" 6th edition. On sale for $40 thru August 31st. Shipping & Handling Charges will be added on all orders.  Order online now - visit the NCDA Career Resource Store. http://store.ncda.org/sale.html


Counselor Educators Needed
The Research Committee approved the following request for participants in a survey for the study "Validating the Dispositional Development Scale". This survey is being distributed by the NCDA on behalf of Allison Levine, Ph.D., CRC. Your participation as a counselor educator is being sought in order to use the valuable expertise that you have regarding professional dispositions of students in counselor education programs. Please click on these instructions to access the survey and respond by Oct 12th. Your efforts are appreciated!


The Career Development Network Journal published its Summer 2018 Special Issue, titled “University and College Career Centers.” Guest editors were Paul Timmins and Debra Osborn. NCDA members can access this Journal here.



Congratulations to those who achieved an NCDA Credential this past month (July, 2018). A list of all credential holders is on the website. If you would like to earn your credential, visit www.ncdacredentialing.org for more information.

Certified Master of Career Services - CMCS


Michael Isenhour
Sherry Williams
Elizabeth Sprouse


Certified Career Counselor - CCC

Elaine Damon
Francis Alix
Stephen Harris
Charmaine Curtis
Emily Asay
Holly Smevog
Brianna Quade
Cindy Jones
Cheryl Stratigos
Amy Caudle
M. Donahue
Danielle Sheese
Alicia Olson
Lynn Berger
Amanda Machonis


Certified Career Counselor Educator- CCCE

Andrew Byrne


Certified Career Services Provider - CCSP


Karen Gutman
Emily Sawyer-Kegerreis
Rita Soultanian
Natalie Brown
Veronica Yeow
Sandra Sylvestre
Soo Chuan Lim
Teresa Shafe
Gina Mutch
Lay Ping Chua
Takeisha Jennette
Jeffrey Thng
Kerri Barnes
Carlene Flores
Stacy Hojnowski
Douglas Cullen
Sandra Leong
Peter Osborne
Chian Chye Teo
Martha Thomford
Courtney Warnsman
Caitlin Kemnitz
Breanna Gallagher
Erik Pavesic
Steven Myers
Sharadora Leslie-Sisco
Sarah Swank
Justin Olson
Latara Jones
Caroline Ray
Debra Monaco
Geralyn Heystek
Amanda Kuttenkuler
Robert Stewart
Lisa Roberts Carter
Desmond Mitchell
JoAnnn Schavey
Martha Kingsley
Chazzney Russell
Anita Gerencer
Sylvia Pettigrew
Willliam Thompson
Gina Gottfredson
Tuuli McElroy
Lisa Sweet
Loyce Ellingrod
Cedric Brooks
Danielle Field
Rochelle Blatter
Gale Hemmann
Lorna Manglona-Alexander
Lisa Grisez-Shullick
Amy Budde
Jessica Paulsen




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 Idaho Counseling Association is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for the events that meet NBCC requirements.  The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program

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