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NCDA Members e - bulletin

  • 16 Jan 2018
  • 16 Feb 2018

NCDA Members ebulletin

Messages to Members

Recognize a Member with an NCDA Award!
The NCDA's Awards Committee, invites you to recognize career development excellence. Connect to NCDA's Awards webpage and nominate yourself or another NCDA member or a school/program/organization for one of NCDA's many awards. Act now – the deadline is January 31, 2018. Each nomination needs a nominator, a nomination letter and two reference letters to be submitted with the new online nomination form. Questions? Contact the Awards Committee Co-Chair: Natalie Kauffman, kauffmanncareers@aol.com

NCDA is seeking nominees for the prestigious NCDA Eminent Career Award. 
This award, which is NCDA’s highest honor, celebrates a lifetime of achievement in career development. People who have eminent careers are those that have influenced either the practice of, or the thinking (theorizing) about career development through leadership activities or scholarship. Their careers are characterized by frequent, periodic, and sustained activities over a substantial period of time.  If you know of a colleague who deserves this honor, submit a nominate before January 31st!  See the Eminent Career Award Policy for more information.

2018 NCDA Webinar Series presents: “Career Exploration & Search for the LGBTQI Community” - Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 2-3pm (central time)
Explore key questions, challenges and practices impacting members of the LGBTQI community, such as: being “out” in your job search, being “out” in the workplace, researching “Inclusive” work environments, equal employment practices, career exploration, and job search.  Career practitioners across a variety of settings will obtain targeted information and resources to offer guidance and support to students, employees and clients.  Presented by: John Long and Christian Chan. Registration is now open – see Professional Development:Webinars

Watch for a future announcement about another new NCDA webinar for veterans in March.

Career Practitioner Institute – February 9, 2018 - Register now!
Join us in Charleston, SC, for a one-day conference for practitioners and educators. Presentations cover a variety of topics including ethics, veterans, disabilities, online resources, positivity, college/career readiness, women, credentials and more! A extra day of professional development institutes is an option for February 8th. CEUs available. View details and online registration under Professional Development: Career Practitioner Institute.

Book Special for January
"Teaching Career Development: A Primer for Instructors and Presenters, 2nd Edition" ONLY $20, when ordered January 1-31, 2018.  This applies to print book and ebook.  Order online now - visit the Career Resource Store. Shipping & handling charges will be added to print book. Members, be sure to login to NCDA first (click on "Account" after you enter the Store) to see the discounted member price on all items.

CERIC / NCDA joint webinar series:
“Preparing Your Clients to Embrace a Non-Traditional, Entrepreneurial Career Path” presented by Ron Elsdon, February 14, 21, 28, 2018 – noon to 1pm (eastern time). Learn about:

  • Why people are drawn to non-traditional, entrepreneurial career paths
  • The benefits and challenges
  • Strategic factors to consider
  • Practical steps to a path forward

In addition to access to the live webinars, all registered participants will receive a password-protected video recording of each session, available for one week from its live broadcast date, in case you miss one. Register now!

Jobs – online for members only!
View career services job openings online anytime - click on Professional Development: Jobs. This is a members-only benefit, so you must login first before viewing the listings. Each job listed will remain online for 30 days. Employers use a online form to list an opening for career professionals for free. Employers do not need to be members to post jobs.

Congratulations to New NCDA Credential Holders!
We welcome those who have achieved a new credential between the opening, August 1, 2017, and January 4, 2018.  We hope your name is listed here in the future! Visit www.ncdacredential.org for complete details about all five credentials.


Amy Thul-Sigler Emily Bennett Laura Lanham
Angela Kuek Gervelyne George Marcus Williams
Autumn McClenaghan Heather Maietta Margi Williams
Barbara Wiggins Hui Yi Hon Melanie Diffey
Benny Belvin James Renfro Michael Pennington
Blanca Rosales-Ahn Jeffrey Boian Natalie Schaible
Cinthia Fuja Jenny Ward Rachel Nelson
Connie Pritchard Jessica Worny Janicki Rhoda Smackum
Coyatitta Usry-Bland Jodee Ledford Rita Stall
Craig Toedtman John Long Sara Fugett
Diane Jantze Kok Kwang Han Winston Chue

CCSCC logo

Billie Streufert
Brandi Donaldson
Hui Ping Tan
Jeffrey Chan
Jeremy Eudaly
Mindy O'Mealia

 CCC Logo

Alaina Nickerson James Elkins Michael Taylor
Andrea D Wieland James Westhoff Natalie Kauffman
Ann Martin Jan Coville Nena Davis
Beverly Baskin Jessica Bickley Norman Meshriy
Billie Streufert Jessie Roller Rachel Coleman
Binta Brown Joel Buchheim Rachel Killam
Carla Hunter Jon Schlesinger Rae Brendecke
Caroline Francis Juliana Parker Robbie Ouzts
Channa Shriki Katelyn Jerles Rosanna Conti
Cindy Haeck Keley Smith-Keller Sam Beck
Crystal Ligon Kristin Conner Sarah Ramirez
Cynthia Marco Scanlon Lauren Daley Satomi Chudasama
David Falbo Lisa Andrews Shannon Jordan
David Reile Lisa Stotlar Sharon McCormick
Deborah McKenzie Malka Edelman Sue Pressman
Dr. Victoria Coleman Margaret Maslanka Susan Chritton
Elizabeth Cole Marjorie Hendrickson Tambela Franklin
Elizabeth Madry Mark Pope Tami Katzoff
Francine Bard Fabricant Martha Smith Terry Wynne
Ilana Levitt Mary Cotter  

 CCCE Logo

Brian Hutchison
Chadwick Royal
JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey
Kathy Evans
Lee Richmond
Timothy Poynton
Tina Anctil


 CCSP logo

Aaron Leson Emilia Yee Magtanggol Sto. Domingo
Aaron Meyer Faryal Humkar Malka Edelman
Alana Stimes Francine Kluck Marissa Policicchio
Alanna Russell Frank Lengel Marjorie Hendrickson
Amanda Hummel Fred Brock Mark Danaher
Amy Schroeder Gaeun Seo Marsha Gaulin
Andrea Williams Georgia Egan Mary A. Fitzgerald
Andrea Wynne Gina Deupree Mary Cotter
Andrew Er Hamaria Crockett Mary Hunt
Angelene Albanesi Helen McHenry Mary Vitro
Angelique Hall Bovee Hope Goossens Melanie Diffey
Anthony Kroll Hyung Joon Yoon Melissa Wassel
Autumn Grant Irene Foran Melyssa Harrison
Barbara Wiggins Jan Dicker Michael Heishman
Belinda J Smith Jenniel Taylor-Samuel Michael Hendri
Bernadette Farrar Jennifer Murdock Bishop Michelle Howe
Beth Gordon Jennifer Pepple Mike Stover
Beth Lengel Jeremiah Wong Chung Chiat Nancy Cechvala
Brianna Riggio Jessica Ayub Nancy Erb
Bryan Murphy Jessica Ignizio Nicole McCauley
Camille Hale Jim Peacock Pamela Martin
Carla Cheatham Jodee Ledford Pat Doherty
Caroline Francis Jody Burum Patricia Ferguson
Carrie Copelin Johanna Miller Patrick Burns
Cassandra Haley Rosario john mcgovern Patrick Lengel
Catherine Allen Jola Zandecki Rachel Nelson
Catherine Johansson Joline Miller Radice banks
Catherine VanDyke Jose Muniz Ranza Thurman
Celeste Hall Joseph Kornoski Rhonda Messinger
Chadwin Reynolds Joseph Parent Rosanna Conti
Chandria Harris Judith Ettinger Sabira Vohra
Charlotte Tongate Julia Humphrey Sara Gould
Cheri Beda Julie Baxley Shan Johnson
Cheri Durst Kacey Darnell Shantele Raper
Cheryl Reardon Kalyn Ryll Sharon Givens
Christine Moran Karen McGrady Sharon MacDonald
Cindy Mason Karen Santiano Francis Sharon McCormick
Cindy Ryan Karla Jones Sharon Taylor
Cinthia Fuja Kathleen High Shayla Savich
Clara Nydam Katie Mehin Sherri Jones
Connie Pritchard Kegan Wohler Shirley Rowe
Coy Maienza Kelly Lidinsky Stacey Marr
Coyatitta Usry-Bland Kimberly Plowden Stephanie McCallister
Cristina Buzas Kristen Garceau Stephanie Mueller
Cynthia Duerkop Kristine McGuire Steve Graham
Cynthia McCabe LaChish Reber Sungsik Ahn
Darryl Fitzgerald Lakeisha Mathews Teck Siong Chong
David Just Lametra Off Telma Sullivan
Dawn Sizeland laura padgett Terita Buchanan
Deann Burch Lauren DePaul Theresa Schrecongost
Delilah Smith LaVerne Vick Timothy Poynton
Diane Hass Linda Albright Tonya Gerharter
Diane Jantze Linda Woodard Tracie Nichols
Eileen Davis Lisa Tripney Tracy Sullivan
Elaine Webb Loralyn O'Kief Tu An Junior Lim
Elizabeth Cole Louise Menendez Vera Chapman
Elizabeth Craig Lucas Gray Virginia Santiago
Ellen Neutzling Lucy Meadows Walter Lodes Jr.
Ellen Weaver Pacquette Lynette Andersen Weatherly Williams
    Windie Wilson


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